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We are engineers, designers and project managers with an average of 15
years experience in product development. We are dedicated to helping
individuals and companies bring their ideas from the drawing board to
the market. Our experience base is broad, covering Mechanical Product
Design, Industrial Design, Assembly Design, Electrical Design, Finite Element Analysis, Failure Analysis, and Prototyping. 

We have worked on myriad products from complex medical devices to cast
aluminum truck parts. We know materials and manufacturing processes,
including injection molding, sheet metal stamping, casting and
machining. Our experience also includes many years with several
different software design tools and techniques that can streamline the
project development process.

We pride ourselves on fast-turn-around projects that are well-managed.
We consistently provide clear, concise, and complete deliverables. We
are successful not only because we show you what can be done, but also
because we can advise you on what avenues might be dead ends, and should not be pursued. Thus, our experience saves time and money.

Our communication skills are not only extended to our clients, but also
to each other. This allows us to tackle complex, multi-disciplinary
projects with ease, so our clients see seamless solutions. We welcome
challenges, and have a proven track record for innovation and practical

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Phone: (503) 380-2199

E-mail: brian.davis (at syncrodesign.biz)



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